Ysense: How to Earn Money From Ysense

ySense is one such online platform where you can earn money in various ways. You will have to do survey work on the website and in return you will be paid here 

The first way to earn money in ySense is by completing Tasks. In this, ySense gives you many types of tasks 

This platform regularly organizes a prize related contest and the people participating in it are given prizes on winning here. 

– Top 1 –    $50 – Top 2 –    $20 – Top 3 –    $10 – Top 4 –    $5 – Top 5 –    $5

Daily Checklist Bonus is given in ySense. If you complete the 28 tasks you get on the ySense website or mobile application, you will be paid in return 

Under this referral program, you get Sign Up Commissions and Activity Commissions 

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