What is mAh, Wh, Ah

mAh" stands for milliampere hour, which is a unit used to measure the capacity of a battery.  

It indicates how much charge a battery can hold and how long it can last when powering a device. 

"mAh" is a measure of electric charge, and is equivalent to 1000 milliamperes per hour. 

For example, a battery with a capacity of 2000mAh can deliver a current of 2000mA for one hour, or 1000mA for two hours, and so on. 

"Wh" stands for Watt-hour, which is another unit of energy commonly used to measure battery capacity. 

It is calculated by multiplying the battery's voltage by its capacity in Ah (ampere-hour). 

For example, if a battery has a capacity of 10Ah and a voltage of 12V, its energy capacity in Wh would be 120Wh (10Ah x 12V = 120Wh). 

It is useful to measure the energy stored in a battery and to compare the energy efficiency of different batteries or devices. 

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