What Is Fixed Deposit (FD) ?

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What is Fd ?

When a person deposits a certain amount in a bank for a period of time, it is called Fixed Deposit or FD.

Fixed Deposit Meaning that when we deposit a certain amount in a bank for a certain time, it is called Fixed Deposit.

We can get fixed deposit done anywhere, Like in government bank, private bank, post office etc, because we just have to deposit money and bank starts paying interest,

If you make an FD of ₹ 100000 for 1 year or 2 years, then you will not only get 100000 or ₹ 200000 but together you will also get to see interest of 20000 to 30 thousand rupees.

What are the types of Fixed Deposits? – Term Deposit Receipt (TDR) – Special Term Deposit Receipt (STDR) – Tax Saving FD – Senior Citizen Fd – Flexi Fd – Corporate Fd – NRE FD and NRO Fd

What are the documents required for getting fixed deposit? one photograph, aadhar card, pan card, The amount of money that has to be done in fd, fd form, Id proof etc.

How to get Fixed Deposit? FD can be done in 2 ways, one is online and second you can contact your bank, in whichever bank you want to get FD, you can contact that bank,