How To Make Online Fixed Deposit In SBI Without Bank ?

1 - Login by downloading 2 - SBI Yono, 3 - Open Yono Sbi,


4 Click on Deposit 5 Enter the amount of money that you want to make Fd, do next,

6 Now put the number of days, months, years you want to make, if you want to make it for 1 year, 7  then put 1 If you want to see Interest Rates then click on Rates,

8 - do next, 9 - You can choose the time you want to take the interest, like Quarterly, or you can choose Yearly,

10 - Click on Next 11 - How do you want to take your interest, in the bank account, you can click on Renew,

12 - Click on Next 13 - Review your information now,

14 - Accept the Terms, 15 - Click on Next 16 - Now your Fd is done, you can download the form