There are 4 ways you can create ATM password inside SBI 1- From Yono Sbi App, 2- from internet banking 3- By SMS, 4- From ATM machine

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1- Yono Sbi App PIN Generation A - Login to Yono Sbi app, B- Click on Service Request, C- Click on Atm / Debit Card,

D - Enter Profile Password, E - Click on Activate Card,


EMKA NEWS TEXT6 - Enter CARD DETAILS, 7 - Enter OTP and generate ATM PIN, HERE

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2- ATM PIN Generation from Internet Banking- 1 - Login to SBI Online Website with ID-Password, 2 - Click on E-Services, 3 - Click on ATM Card Services, 4 - ATM Pin Generation 5 - Select Profile password or OTP for Validate, 6 - Select debit account, 7 - Card no. Select, and click on submit, 8 - Create ATM PIN, submit, re-enter and submit.

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3- ATM Pin Generation from Sms – 1 - Open SMS App, 2 - send PIN XXXX YYYY to 567676, 3 - In place of XXXX you have to enter the last 4 digits of the CARD and in place of YYYY you have to enter the last 4 digits of ACCOUNT NUMBER. 4 - and send it to 567676 5 - Now the PIN will come to your number through OTP, that PIN has to be changed in the ATM machine within 2 days.