How to Apply HDFC Credit Card Online

1 - Go to HDFC's website, 2- If you are a customer of hdfc then click below, 3 – Now enter Customer ID, Mobile Number, Captcha, 4 – Click on Login,

5 - Enter Netbabking information, 6 – Click on Login, 7 – Select Employed Type & Business Type, click on Show Credit Card,


8 - Now select Credit Card, and click on Apply Now, 9 - Now enter the OTP which has been sent on the mobile, 10 – Click on the address you want to get the card, click on Continue,

11 - Put whatever name you want on the credit card, 12 - After that tick on Smartpay, and your card will be free, 13 – And click on Continue, then click on Continue,

14 - Now upload the document, and click on Continue, 15 – Tick the ✔️ box of Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on Submit, 16 - Your application will be submitted, 17 - You will also get the Application Number.

It may take 15 days for your credit card to be approved and after that Digital Credit Card will come on top of the mail and by post Physical Credit card will also come.