24 Guidelines For Govt. Employees Chack Now


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CYBER SECURITY DO’S  1. Use complex passwords with a minimum length of 8 characters 

CYBER SECURITY DO’S  2. Change your passwords at least once in 45 days 

2 CYBER SECURITY DO   3. Use multi-factor authentication, wherever available. 

2 CYBER SECURITY DO  4. Save your data and files on the secondary drive (ex: d:\) 

2 CYBER SECURITY DO 5. Maintain an offline backup of your critical data.   6. Keep your Operating System and BIOS firmware updated 

7. Install enterprise antivirus client offered by the government on your official desktops/laptops  8. Configure NIC’s DNS Server IP (IPv4: / IPv6: 2409::1) in your system’s DNS Settings. 

9. Configure NIC’s NTP Service (samay1.nic.in, samay2.nic.in) in your system’s NTP Settings for time synchronization.  10. Use authorized and licensed software only  11.Ensure that proper security hardening is done on the systems 

12.When you leave your desk temporarily, always lock/log-off from your computer session.  13.When you leave office, ensure that your computer and printers are properly shutdown. 14.Keep your printer’s software updated with the latest updates/patches. 15.Setup unique passcodes for shared printers 

16.Use a Hardware Virtual Private Network  17. Keep the GPS, bluetooth, NFC and other sensors disabled on your computers and mobile phones.  18.Download Apps from official app stores of google (for android) and apple (for iOS).  19.Before downloading an App, check the popularity of the app and read the user reviews.  

20.Use a Standard User (non-administrator) account for accessing your computer/laptops for regular work.  21.While sending any important information or document over electronic medium  22.Observe caution while opening any shortened uniform resource locator (URLs)   23.Observe caution while opening any links shared through SMS or social media, etc 

24.Report suspicious emails or any security incident to incident@cert-in.org.in and incident@nic-cert.nic.in  25.Adhere to the security advisories published by NIC-CERT